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Through the use of specially designed games to help improve spelling, punctuation, grammar and memory, Home Tuition will help a student to feel more relaxed and adventurous in writing stories, expressing themselves more freely through the use of more adjectives, personification, similes, metaphors and alliteration and loads more.

Year 6 can be quite demanding whilst students head towards their SATs tests, so offering some guidance and support may help them feel more relaxed and able.

Key stage 3 English is studied from year 7 – year 9, when students may need help being more creative in their writing, answering comprehension questions or comparing/contrasting poems.  By working on a 1:1 basis, Home Tuition will help a student to relax and learn at his or her own pace and feel at ease to ask any questions.  A student may also simply need to learn new strategies to help improve their spelling and punctuation or help in understanding the meaning behind what a writer may be trying to convey.

Functional Skills English is designed to help adult learners or school leavers who have not achieved a grade ‘C’ or above to learn the fundamentals needed to succeed in every day life.  It is made up of three parts: reading, writing and speaking and listening.  The writing component consist of being able to write formal/informal letters, emails, reports, reviews etc and have a better understanding of grammar, punctuation, sentences, logical sequence and spelling.  Whereas the reading/comprehension requires you to be able to answer questions related to the text.  The speaking and listening element comprises a presentation and formal discussion.

Receiving help and guidance in these areas will help you feel more confident and prepared when taking exams.