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Maths Textbook

Students at primary level can lose essay writer help their confidence at Maths simply because they haven’t understood some of the fundamentals, causing them to feel incapable of understanding or even to loathe the subject.

Home Tuition can turn this problem around by helping pick up on these missing basics and help restore a student’s confidence. It may even be possible to make them believe that Maths might actually be fun! Just one hour a week can make all the difference and prepare them for their SATs in year 6.


Maths Textbook

Students arriving at secondary school in year 7 will be faced with more challenging Maths, and can frequently become very discouraged and lost in a class when they see fellow students grasping the subject with more ease; causing them to feel stupid when they aren’t. This can be the perfect time for Home Tuition; for students to catch up in an atmosphere where Maths can be explained carefully, patiently and in a relaxed manner.

The new GCSEs to be introduced in 2015 will be more rigorous than ever before.  Instead of being graded A* – E grades students will be graded 9-1, with grade 9 being the highest.  There will still be 2 tiers; foundation and higher tier but the affordablepapers4u actual Maths contents will be harder for both levels.  Students will need to study for 2 years before taking their exams in 2017.

Offering 1 hour a week to students can make a huge difference as this will allows them to work at their own pace and have the confidence to ask questions when they feel unsure.


Functional Skills Maths is a great stepping stone for adult learners who may have been out of education for a while and want to progress to GCSE level, or to study for an apprenticeship. Functional Skills Maths may also suit those who simply want to improve their confidence and understanding in tackling every day maths in order to improve their chances of promotion in the work place.