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In the classroom, science can sometimes seem too complicated and hard to follow, but 1 hour a week on a 1:1 basis from a tutor who finds science exciting, may be all that is needed to ignite a student’s enthusiasm. Whether it is learning how the body works: heart, lungs, digestive and blood system, or discovering the principles behind magnetism and electricity, Deborah can help raise a student’s level in Biology, Chemistry or Physics, simply by helping make the subjects come alive and feel relevant.

As you reach GCSE level, Science will be more interesting and fun but a great deal more demanding!

Biology; respiration, photosynthesis, genetics, immune system and how the heart and lungs function. Physics; looks at motion and forces, static and current electricity, momentum, and energy. Chemistry; atoms and the periodic table, chemical reactions and more.

With the new curriculum being introduced in September 2016, Deborah can help keep students up-to-date with the new content.